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by | Nov 27, 2018

Shopify Eccomerce ServicesShopify is a fantastic option for young new companies entering the eccommerce space as well as established businesses heading online for the first time, or simply looking to change platforms. If you are any of these 3, or perhaps even something more you are in the right place!

I have worked with many businesses over the last 5 years to establish new online stores, take their products online and transition between online eccomerce platforms like Neto, Bigcommerce, Volusion, Woocommerce and more over to Shopify.


How does it all begin?

First we get in touch! Meeting and discussing some of the ins and outs of your project, how many products you have and what the scope of the whole project will entail is the very best way to begin. In this way, we get to see each other as human beings first before email chains as well as make sure that we will be a good fit for one another moving forwards (no matter how good the project or the designer if we do not make a good fit, many things can be more difficult on both sides). 

To start working on your new Shopify experience is easy! As a Shopify Partner I can set you up with your own fully fledged development store once we begin our project – and don’t worry – no charges are made until we finalise the design and development, launching your new online presence to the world! 

If you still haven’t, be sure to  make your way over to Shopify’s main site to check out the subscription cost as well as any other charges that you should be aware of (specifically things like transaction/ payment gateway percentages that you will need to incorporate into your pricing strategy). 

How does it all end?

Once your store is beautiful, working like a dream and launched to the public, never fear, each and every project that I undertake includes limited support with the option of an extended retainer contract to update things like hero images, assisting with content creation, marketing and setup PLUS quick questions are always free! Get in touch today and build your new customer experience with Shopify.



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