Graphic Design Articles

by | Sep 6, 2017

How to Deal with Copycats

  It isn’t a great feeling when you see something that you may have spent hours, days, weeks or even years developing pop-up right after launch being sold or shared by someone else as if it were their original content - But if you are truly doing a fantastic job,...

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The Tools I Use @ Work

As a professional graphic designer with a day job and ongoing side projects in my fluid design studio after hours, things can sometimes get a little out of hand. So it is important that I use and constantly improve on the software, hardware and manual tools that I use...

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Finding the Right Graphic Designer for You

It can be tricky finding the right graphic artist/ designer for your business, add to that the subtle complexities of your situation, your unique views and structure and it’s hard enough finding the right kind of person, let alone someone with complementary skills. So...

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One vs. One Thousand

It’s tempting when you are looking at a list of hundreds or thousands of people to speak like you are addressing a crowd. With microphone in hand, you declare how much better you can make your audience’s lives and businesses through the use of your amazing...

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Just a Little White Space

It’s about value, every square centimetre costs you money so you want to fill up every last bit of that space. It makes sense, it feels right and when you look at it, you see all of the value you have to provide your customers. But do they, confronted by all of this...

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What are Pantone Colours?

The Pantone Colours in the Pantone Matching System (PMS) are a selection of standardised colours chosen by the Pantone company with specific values that allow for almost perfect reproduction across the world by printers and manufacturers. The PANTONE® name is known...

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