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It was a warm early summer day when Z & Z approached me to develop a new logo and branding design for their well established small business. They had reached a crossroad when beginning to head online through web and social media, deciding it was time to establish a cohesive visual identity.

Z & Z Cleaning & Maintenance Services is a Family owned and run business and we have been providing our unique, personalised services to Brisbane, Ipswich and surrounding areas for nearly 30 years. A trusted name in the cleaning industry with years of experience and expertise you can trust that our services are not only professional, but that we will be there when you need us most.

As a graphic designer, it is easy to forget that a lot of businesses simply aren’t in a position, especially early on, to invest in and establish a branded and well designed identity to present to the outside world. It will always be however, the very best way to help a business become memorable. This is because the logo and branding created in a visual identity becomes the first and last thing a customer sees when interacting with the business. Over time, it becomes entangled with the feelings and needs that your customer has, such that when they have that want/need or feeling in the future, the first thing they think about is your visual identity and vice versa (as an example, think for a moment about your favourite fast food chain/restaurant – feeling hungry?).

Z & Z Cleaning, Maintenance and Gardening Services wanted to update their image and create a light hearted, family driven but professional look that spoke to their mantra of providing personalised and tailor made solutions to their customers. The new look should also include elements of the original that they used for over 20 years and incorporate some of the new ideas that would be taking their business online and into the future.
I started this project as I normally do with a lot of sketching, at first I began to explore the fundamental pieces that would need to be included and ways that they would integrate with the company insignia Z & Z.

branding colour design
typography design
Ultimately this direction was failing to bring about the right kind of balance and motion, the imagery was more important and so started to take more of a centre stage. The motion of the curve started to really bring the logo to life and so was used more productively as a banner to house the information. The one sided style of the banner not only connects the two parts of the logo, it also makes sure that wherever the logo is used it is never a stationery observer, it is always off balance just enough to create interest and draw the eye to the main elements.

The last stage was choosing the final colour palette and typography. For the font we chose a blocky but ultimately less professional typeface than something like Helvetica in order to introduce a little more quirkiness, while maintaining a professional edge. The colours were also chosen to highlight these contrasting qualities, a bright green that instantly draws the eye and a less powerful warm grey/black that helps level out the elements and stabilise the design elements.

logo design cleaning
In designing this brand refresh I sought to create a much needed ‘flow’ in Z&Z’s identity, bringing together the otherwise disparate elements of their businesses look and feel into a cohesive and inter-connected whole was paramount. The resulting design is a family home, cradled by a typographic element set into a winding driveway that also acts as banner creating a feeling of motion that has a defined beginning and end. A more modern and peaceful green was chosen to contrast against a warm grey/black to promote the connection between their professional/casual side and rays introduced as an optional element that focuses the logo on selected materials.

The unique and connected elements in this final design create a flowing, unified aesthetic that builds on the clients previous branding, while promoting a new bold outlook that is flexible and memorable.

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