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Springfield Lakes Tow Trucks

Springfield Lakes Towing and Transport approached me to update their current website and maintain it moving forwards, they wanted to keep all of the existing architecture but update the graphic design, artwork, imagery, search optimised copy and general design layout to get more impressions in organic Google searches for their business and key services. The update for this towing companies website would actually include a deeper and more comprehensive update through graphic design and development along with incremental changes over a period of time in order to refine and optimise their vision for success.

website and online graphic design
We soon discovered that the previous creative who had developed their logo was uncontactable and only low resolution, high contrast images were available of the designed mark that the towing company had been using for some time. So we started from the beginning and began our design project by the updating their mark and colours to increase readability and legibility especially when presented in it’s primary position on the towing companies website (as a small image at the top left of the designed page).
icon design for springfield lakes tow trucks


Then began some redevelopment and deployment of a few background updates that would support the new changes. Once this technical side for repositioning the website design was complete, we began reorganising the creative content for the front page and added in some new targeted information about the towing companies most popular and requested services, as well as recent testimonials from satisfied towing and transport clients and more details on insurers to highten the level of understanding for support and build credibility with visitors to the site. Not only would Google’s Search Engine be able to better recognise the newly organised and designed content on the front page of the towing companies website, but new visitors to the site would more easily be able to digest and understand both the towing and transportation services provided by Springfield Lakes Towing and Transport as well the standard of those products as reviewed by their peers.

At the end of these initial content updates, we progressed to the next stage of the designed process for this project and we used some clever research results and towing company details to first discern a full list of locations, cities and suburbs the towing business currently operated in and serviced. We then used these details for the larger piece of their required update for search engine optimisation and design – creating a unique towing company web landing page for each one. In a programmatic way, we were then able to use this list to develop highly targeted and designed towing business web pages for each and every locality serviced – totaling 665 pages in all.

To finalise and build more into the front page of the towing website, we started on making it even more unique from towing competitors in the space and more distinctive in their niche by redesigning a layout with bursts of colour and a set of new and distinctive icons for their most popular towing product offerings to contrast against the bold new tones for maximum visibility and fast recognition for customers. We also added larger and more prominent calls to action with the phone number being far more visible at several key points as well as making this visible for Google search optimisation, so that consumers requiring fast information are immediately presented with contact information even from the google search page they have used to look for relevant towing services.

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