Design for:
Second Potion

When Second Potion was established they wanted a bright, lively and brilliant logo to accompany their burgeoning product base as well as help to solidify their look and feel for prospective customers in a busy online marketplace. Together we designed a simple and easy to follow brand identity nd logo that harkens back to classical and vintage video game themes, while remaining vibrant and current to appeal to their current and future customer bases.

We also bolstered this with a small landing page site outside of their eBay store and wide range of collateral to help support and reinforce their branding with flyers, brochures, offer cards and even shipping labels to ensure that even while some of these things might be honed to be cost saving and efficient, they were also relevent and helped to convey just another small piece of their growing whole. After all, it takes the human brain a little while to grow into that familiarity we have with our favourite brands and just a little flourish here and there can help to assert this further.

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