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Ipswich City Pipe Band

With a rich and complex history, Ipswich Pipe Band approached me to help with renewing and revitalising their image. This upgraded look and feel needed to match their newly developing approach to both their businesses and local community with something equally bold, bright and memorable with a little touch of magic.

The City of Ipswich Pipe Band is one of Australia’s oldest pipe bands formed in 1909 by the Ipswich Caledonian Society with aims to foster the culture of Pipe Band music and the training of members in the art of piping and drumming. It was also to serve as a social organisation, and provide what would best be described as ‘a helping hand’ to migrating Scottish families.

Proud of the local Ipswich community and wanting it to be core to their updated identity, we discussed including many different elements from the surrounds into the new look and feel, as well as the varied ways to incorporate them from something as extremely straight forward as the clock tower in the city centre along with formal bagpipes, to more idealised and surreal imagery.

My Process

During the exploration phase, we identified that the simple and clean look would suit best with sharp lines and subtle curves that would allow the logo to be used in a variety of settings in and around the local Ipswich community. Initial designs then began looking into ways of incorpoating the clean lines of the rapidly improving city centre, with the curves of the Bremer river and tightly brought together with the image of bagpipes. This was then combined with strong navy tone, anchoring the look and feel to the past while introducing a deep and virbant red to symbolise the energy and youth of the new endevour.

Branding Ipswich Pipe Band
logo design for ipswich pipe band
In the end we ending up further refining the initial idea of the city, river and bagpipes, into a visual identity that is minimal, strong and easy to understand with a little understated magic that draws you in and allows for the brand to be used in a wide variety of scenerios from kids T-Shirts to classical drums and still retain it’s foundational aspects.

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