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Grown in Queensland

While the ‘Made in Australia‘ initiative has been well known and marketed throughout the world for some years and has in more recent years experienced updates and added nuances to both help support local industry and help inform customers, some local Queensland Farmers in Ipswich wanted to take this one step further and allow even more local industry producers, farmers and suppliers the benefit of an initiative tailored more for them. With this Advance Queensland’s Grown in Queensland initiative was born! And they were looking for a simple, highly recognisable and bold new logo and visual identity to support their new blossoming initiative.
Grown in Queensland Design
logo design grown in queensland
What we ended up with was a striking, bold and entrepid design that is easily digested and understood from any distance while also calling back to it’s purpose in promoting roots of the earth farmer’s and their local livelyhoods.

We then extended this by selected bold, beautiful and saturated background scenes for use in collateral that to contrast against the logo and again bring into focus the purpose behind this fantastic initiative.

As the world continues to evolve, the security and quality of food is becoming increasingly important to consumers. Additionally, food sourced locally not only requires less energy in distribution, but also promotes employment and supports local communities.

The Grown in Queensland initiative is designed to assist Queensland consumers, by placing a priority on the locality of the origin of the food they choose to purchase.

Advance Queensland has developed a Trade Mark that clearly identifies foods grown and produced in Queensland. The Grown in Queensland initiative focuses on the quality, availability and sustainability of Queensland farmer produced goods.

Securing the long term future of Queensland’s agricultural industry is our goal.

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