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How to Approach Your New Logo Design

So you have a business idea, you might even have registered the name and now you are thinking about what your logo will be (or maybe what your next substantial update will be). It can be very intimidating thinking about what this image is going to be, this thing that will represent your company for quite a long time (believe it or not, whenever you show your logo other businesses will ‘borrow’ and use that and updating it across your industry and the internet can be a slow process) – the key – is to take it slow.

Try not to be intimidated so much that you just throw the first thing you see together, a well thought out logo and the process of creating it can be invaluable to developing not only what your business is going to be, but what direction you want to take. It isn’t set in stone, but it will represent you for some time, so it should be lasting but flexible to change (changes in your demographic/ target audience, industry or even personally can effect what your company is and how you want to be perceived).


Here are a few things to consider before and during the development and design process of your new (or updated) logo design:


design target audience

1. Think about your Target Audience (The customers you want).

Consider the kinds of people you want to be your customers, you will want your brand to appeal to these people regardless of you yourself love, for example you might love a certain shade of brown, while you might be able to integrate it, if your wanted customers are young, hip & popular ladies, you should probably aim for a brighter, happier aesthetic. So try to avoid the lure or quick, cheap logos where you can choose what YOU want – while this is your brand, you need to have flexibility in understanding that you may not be your businesses target audience (in most cases you definitely aren’t). Your audience will not only determine colour though, it determines the size, placement, typography and so much more about the display of your brand – so plan to spend most of your time when developing your brand to consider and nail down who the customers are that you want.


logo design position

2. Where are the most common places it will appear?

This is all about size & colour, if your logo is going to appear mostly at a certain size or needs to be created in a medium like metal or rubber it would be a waste to include lots of thin scratchy details and coloured nuance. Most of all, your logo should look it’s best and finest in the main place it will find itself, the mark should be flexible in order to adapt to many circumstances but should look the most amazing when it is at home.


graphic design trends

3. Try Ignore trends (We know it is sometimes unavoidable).

There will always be trends in all kinds of graphic design, however, if you begin or recreate your branding using current trends be aware that your logo will date much more readily and need iteration far sooner. The biggest, longest lasting brands have logos that stay around long enough to be recognisable, not for the era in which they were created but for their timeless qualities. You can always design your logo with trends in mind though, again allow for flexibility, if your logo is able to mould and change it can suit the current trends without needing to be changed so much that your image blends into the background of constantly new trendy design.



Chris Kirkby

Chris Kirkby

Graphic Design, Print Design, Web Design + Problem Solving

Hi! I’m Chris, a senior graphic designer based in Ipswich, Australia with over 15 years of industry experience developing and designing solutions to tricky business problems. In the course of my career to date I have worked in creating everything from large eccommerce websites and social media content online, to point of sale marketing materials, internationally sold products, packaging, catalogues and magazines. I’m passionate about problem solving and love to get into the bones of a project before helping to bring it to life.

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